About Us

Obu Group are one of Australasia’s leading fully independent international investment houses based in Taiwan. Obu Group are focused on bringing each of our clients the most comprehensive range of broking, margin funding, and advisory services coupled with in depth financial analysis of both public and private companies. Here at Obu Group we are client focused and our broking services are second to none based on our client satisfaction levels. Since the inception of Obu Group we have always strongly believed that our number one priority when it comes to our success, is our ability to meet our clients needs and goals.

To ensure that we meet our own goals of meeting our clients needs and goals, we design each portfolio with you, the client in mind. Each member of the Obu Group team will get to know you personally, and that will ensure that they are able to create a diverse portfolio that both suits your needs, and meets your goals.

Becoming a client of Obu Group, you will gain access to all major markets, and exchanges as well as OTC markets, by working with an international investment company like us, you will also gain access to unique opportunities from all over the globe. With your capital always working for you in the global markets, and by being able to access some of the most precise and efficient financial tools, you will be safe in the knowledge that your financial future is in the best possible hands. Becoming a part of the Obu Group family has never been simpler, you do not require a degree in finance to open an account with us, the process is both fast and simple, nor do you require decades of experience in investing, as long as you want to do better financially this year than you did last year, we would be happy to help you.

Why Obu Group - About

Obu Group knows that our continued success in the financial sector has been down to our constant ability to learn from our experiences. With the combination of the vast knowledge of our financial experts and the years of knowledge we as a company have gained over the years we have been in operation, this has been a key factor in the huge success of our clients’ portfolios. With the great success we have shown our existing clients over the years, we have had the huge benefit of having returning clients year after year, making Obu Group their preferred financial advisor in the industry.

To ensure we stay ahead of the market, after careful deliberation by our analysts, we impose a strict limit on the amount of companies we expose our clients to, taking their personal risk tolerance into account. Our objective is to build a diversified investment portfolio that will deliver above average returns for our array of different investors.

Our track record of success is solely down to our relentless work ethic, rigorous analysis of current market conditions and our vigilant search for new investment opportunities.

It is not in our interest to greatly enhance the amount of funds we have under management, as from experience we know the challenge that comes with managing huge portfolios and, as our track record is of paramount importance to us, you will not see Obu Group grow at the expense of our overall performance. Our clients are inimitably attracted to Obu Group as we offer exposure to a quality, high conviction portfolio that is not inhibited by the constraints of index performance whilst maintaining a strong focus on capital preservation.

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