Choosing the Right Strategy

Investing - Choosing the Right Strategy

Stocks – A great way to start or enhance your existing portfolio. When you trade stocks, you are investing directly into the shares of publically traded companies from all over the world. Many investors have a diverse portfolio which contains a good percentage of stocks, as they can be beneficial to building a balance portfolio. When looking at investing into stocks, the choice of investments are extremely diverse, with opportunities across many geographies, sectors, and industries. Additionally by investing into stocks, you have the benefit of the opportunity being a “liquid” investment, meaning if you are looking at changing your tactics, this can easily be achieved.

ETF’s – A very similar method of investing to stocks, by choosing to invest into ETF’s you trade in the same way as stocks, with the diversification of a mutual fund. When utilizing ETF’s in your portfolio, you have the benefit of being flexible with your capital, and can hold and trade shares with ease. A large number of new and experienced investors incorporate ETF’s into their portfolio to balance their risk, while keeping their portfolio liquid. Here at OBU Group, we utilize opportunities in ETF’s for growth, income and value strategies, for our new and existing investors.

Mutual funds – When opting to trade in a mutual fund, your capital will be invested into a professionally managed ‘group’ fund which is aligned to a diverse range of investment strategies and time horizons. This method of investing suits an investor who is looking for a slower, long term investment strategy. Designed for growth, income and value, Mutual fund investing is perfect for those who prefer to be less active in the markets, and are looking to be diverse in their investment choices.

Fixed income and bonds – A way to invest with less risk to your capital. By choosing to incorporate a mixture of fixed income and bonds into your portfolio you will have access to opportunities in a large number of treasuries, corporate and municipal bonds, and CD’s. Many experienced investors utilize fixed income strategies in their portfolio, to generate a residual income alongside their stocks and ETF holdings. The benefit of a mixed strategy including fixed income investments, is the ability to generate a regular income, while reducing the potential volatility of your portfolio. A great choice for new and experienced investors who are looking at meeting short and mid-term financial goals.

Focused on our clients

OBU Group stands for being consistent, competitive with a commission structure that is fair. Here at OBU Group we are always looking to be the best we can for our clients, with fast responses and great results across a large array of financial products from around the world, even under tense market conditions.

With a diverse client base from all over the worlds, OBU Group combines their use of top of the line technology with the decades of experience that our traders and advisors have. Our unique approach to the way we handle risk management, and market obligations means that our clients benefit greatly through lower capital risk situations, and heavily researched opportunities. OBU Group offers our clients access to our teams of financial professionals who specialize in a broad array of trading stocks, ETF’s, CD’s and equity markets.

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