Equity Capital Markets

Investing - Equity Capital Markets

Every portfolio needs to be diverse, Obu Group have a dedicated team who specialize in Equity Capital Markets (ECM) who provide our clients with a large array of varied and alternative investment strategies that compliment most portfolios.

Our Equity Capital Market team, work closely with all of our other departments and are able to offer you more diversity to your portfolio which in turn can increase your profits, and mitigate risks. Obu Group are able to offer our clients unique investment opportunities that many investors would be unable to access with their local brokerage.

Our Equity Capital Market team offer more than alternative investment opportunities, they also open the door for you to be able to get involved with some of the biggest IPO’s, private placements, and Secondary offerings from most major exchanges, which depending on your tolerance to risk, and capital that you have available would be a great addition to your portfolio’s short term holdings.

Obu group understands that every client we work with has a different preference when it comes to what they wish to invest in, which is why we offer the most diverse range of conventional and alternative investment strategies in Asia, our goal is to enable everyone to invest. After becoming a client of Obu Group you will have access to all of the opportunities that we have available, and when it comes to implementing investment decisions in your portfolio you investment advisor will take in to consideration all the information that you share with them.

The opportunities that your broker will show you, will be based on the information you provide, however as time changes, and your broker shows you the power of the information we use here at Obu Group, you may be open to taking positions that harbor more risk. Your advisor will give you any advice and answer any questions should you wish to pursue a different financial path.

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