Institutional Trading and Advice

Developing a Strategy - Institutional Trading and Advice

With years of experience of industry knowledge, OBU Group combines the use of their sophisticated technology with the wealth of experience our institutional traders have. For our institutional traders, we offer tailor made investment strategies combining a diverse range of futures, options, ETF’s and stocks from all major exchanges. Alongside our advisors we also offer a large number of in depth trading plans that will maximize your company’s returns, at an affordable rate.

Our experienced team of institutional traders, and the strategies they implement are designed with your companies needs at the heart. Here at OBU Group we give you access to greater liquidity meaning your organization can maximize returns while at the same time minimizing overheads and trading costs. Because OBU Group is an international trader, by allowing one of our traders to manage your institutional portfolio, you will have access to a much broader selection of opportunities from all major exchanges, giving your portfolio the edge over your competitors.

Working with OBU Group we create a plan and design a specific portfolio for you, and your organization, this way we can ensure that your companies goals are met, and the investment choices are in line with your current strategies. Our core focus when working with our institutional clients is to bring them a portfolio that will maximize returns, while being cost effective for their business. Each member of the OBU Group team has a wealth of experience in the markets, and are more than capable at producing the results that you are looking for in a trader.

As an investment house that prides themselves on their full services, we take the time to focus on your needs and goals as an organization, and your portfolio will reflect that level of personal service. With decades of combined experience in the financial sector, the team here at OBU Group have had the pleasure of working with some of the industry’s most well-known companies as well as many emerging companies, giving both the same level of professionalism and service as the other. The reason why we have been so successful, and our clients continue to utilize our services is OBU Groups ability to maximize the performance of our clients’ portfolios with custom strategies that suit their needs.

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