Managed portfolios

Developing a Strategy - Managed portfolios

At OBU Group we pride ourselves on our ability to offer each of our new and existing clients a full portfolio management service. Our portfolio managers design and create a unique tailor made portfolio that is based around your financial needs and goals. Every member of the Obu Group team have years of experience working in the front line of the financial markets, from this experience we have come to understand that there is no single investment plan that fits everyone’s needs.

When creating a portfolio with us here at Obu group, you will have access to a diverse array of opportunities spanning across all major exchanges around the globe. When planning a strategy, we take in to account your risk tolerance, and do not expose you to undue risk in the markets, here at Obu Group we believe that the best investment strategy involves maximal research and minimal risk.

By utilizing our tailor made portfolio management service, you will have a dedicated financial manager who stays by your side from the creation of your portfolio until you have reached your goal and beyond.

The benefits of having a dedicated financial advisor, is that when your needs change your portfolio can adapt with those needs. We believe in a continuous and progressive approach to your portfolio, which is why we keep you updated with any changes that may need to be made to maximize your returns. Obu Group believes that the best way to meet your needs, and bring you closer to financial freedom is by keeping an ongoing professional relationship based on communication. Before we begin any trades we make sure to communicate with you, and get to know you both professionally and personally, this ensure that we can establish a great foundation for future business and the future of your portfolio.

Your portfolio with us here at Obu Group is constantly under analysis and revision, this enables your portfolio manager to bring out the best in your investments. As time moves on, your needs and goals change, which is why here at Obu Group we are able to seamlessly transition your portfolio from one dedicated team to another, if for example you have a growth portfolio with us, and wish to transition into a retirement portfolio, the process is simple and easy.

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