Our Values

Why Obu Group - Our Values

Obu Group's values define our culture as a company, and give us a guide for our daily business interactions with both our internal staff, and our external clients. With focus on our values as a company we are able to really be at one with each of our client’s needs. Each member of the Obugroup team are talented, committed and responsible people from a diverse range of backgrounds whose purpose is to reimagine investments, and create unique portfolio's that fit in with their client’s needs. We encourage people to experiment, and take risks in a safe and smart way, our aim is to create an atmosphere where creative thinking will lead to practical solutions.


  • Act with integrity
  • Trust in your ability
  • Be accountable for your success
  • Respect each other and the communities we serve
  • The customer always comes first
  • Innovation that makes a difference
  • The power of diversity and inclusion
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