Retirement Planning

Developing a Strategy - Retirement Planning

There is never a time, where it is too late, or too early to start planning and saving for retirement. Here at Obu Group we have a team of retirement specialists, who can assist you with information and retirement planning strategies that can be of great benefit no matter how close or far you may be from retiring. Having a set plan in place for when you want to retire, can be the difference between being prepared or unprepared to reach your financial goals. No matter where on your retirement journey you are, our experts, tools and information can better prepare you for the road ahead.

Here at Obu group, our team of retirement specialists have years of experience strategizing and managing tailor made retirement portfolios. Whether you are planning to treat yourself to an early retirement, on the verge of retiring, or already a retiree, there is always a way to maximize your portfolio to ensure that you can be comfortable through the length of your retirement. You have been working hard all of your life to save and prepare yourself for retirement, and with an Obu Group retirement plan you can be sure that your savings will last.

Our retirement strategists work with you to create a diverse portfolio which incorporates your retirement savings with your retirement portfolio if you choose. One of the key benefits of merging your portfolios this way, is to ensure that your portfolio has a variety of assets. By having a more diverse portfolio, consisting of income producing investments, and asset classes, you will have a much more balanced portfolio in terms of stability and sustainable portfolio growth. Obu group ensures that the investments inside your portfolio are spread across different sectors and geographies, this way when a certain sector is underperforming you will have less capital at risk.

Depending on your risk tolerance and how much capital you have in your retirement portfolio, some recommendations from your portfolio manager may include investment opportunities that pay dividends, which can be great for those of you who are already a retiree. Additionally the majority of your portfolio will be ‘liquid’ investments, which offers you stability, and the ability to move capital in and out of your retirement fund in the case that unexpected expenses may occur during your retirement.

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